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Tender DetailsTender NoEProcTndIDTender Publish Data & TimeTender Submission Start Date & TimeTender Submission End Date & TimeTender Opening Date & TimeSelect
Photo copyW4NIT No 03/2021-22/StatW4NIT No 03/2021-22/Stat28-07-202129-07-202103-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Printer Re fillingW3 NIT No 03/2021-22/StatW3NIT No 03/2021-22/Stat28-07-202129-07-202103-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Dhawani Prasaran YantraW2 NIT No 03/2021-22/StatW2 NIT No 03/2021-22/Sta28-07-202129-07-202103-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Pushp Mala workW1 NIT No 03/2021-22/StatW1 NIT No 03/2021-22/St28-07-202129-07-202103-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Flex Banner work6823NIT No 04/2021-22/Sta6823NIT No 04/2021-22/St28-07-202129-07-202105-08-2021 6:00PM06-08-2021
Mudran Samgri work6815 NIT No 2/2021-22/Sta6815 NIT No 2/2021-22/St28-07-202129-07-202103-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Construction of Room at Bissa Panchayati Trust6745 NIT No 29/2021-226745 NIT No 29/2021-2207-07-202130-07-202106-08-2021 6:00PM10-08-2021
ARC work of removal of dilapidated buildings in Bikaner city4227 NIT No 36/2021-224227 NIT No 36/2021-2228-07-202102-08-202111-08-2021 6:00PM12-08-2021
Sewer Line, Drain Cross ARC work at zone 074230 NIT No 33/2021-224230 NIT No 33/2021-2228-07-202102-08-202112-08-2021 6:00PM13-08-2021
Lekhan Samgri6805 NIT No 01/2021-23/ S6805 NIT No 01/2021-23/ 29-07-202129-07-202104-08-2021 6:00PM06-08-2021
Operation and Maintinance work of Kachari Parisar ToileEOI 6767EOI 676728-07-202128-07-202102-08-2021 6:00PM03-08-2021
Photography work6706 nit 04 stationery ph6706 nit 04 stationery p27-07-202128-07-202102-08-2021 6:00PM04-08-2021
Videography work6706 nit 04 stationery vi6706 nit 04 stationery v27-07-202128-07-202102-08-2021 6:00PM04-08-2021
Miscellaneous32/2021-22NIT No 32/2021-2226-07-202126-07-202104-08-2021 6:00PM04-08-2021
Construction of CC Road at ward No 726764 NIT No 32/2021-226764 NIT No 32/2021-2223-07-202126-07-202104-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Construction of Road and Sewer Line work at ward 684151NIT No 16/2021-224151NIT No 16/2021-2220-07-202126-07-202104-08-2021 6:00PM05-08-2021
Construction of Boundary wall and Fencing work at Police Colony park4148 NIT No 30/2021-224148 NIT No 30/2021-2220-07-202123-07-202102-08-2021 6:00PM03-08-2021
aavara pashu pakdne ke liye6120 nit05_Health6120 nit05_Health19-07-202119-07-202111-08-2021 6:00PM13-08-2021